Profile of a real estate social media leader: Jeremy Neuer


Over the next few blog posts, I thought I would call out those real estate professionals that have really embraced social media as a business asset. The hope is that you can glean ideas that you can apply to your own business to gain a competitive edge.

The first person I’ll profile is Jeremy Neuer, senior vice president of CBRE's New Jersey office (also an investor in The News Funnel), for two reasons: he truly embraces social media and I hope that by profiling him he continues to invite me to Bruce Springsteen concerts!

Consider Jeremy's own words about how he uses social media and its benefits:

"I consider social media to be an extension of my personal brand. I don't take myself that seriously, but I am pretty thoughtful about what I put in my blog, NeuerSpace, as well as on Twitter (@JNeuer19) and Facebook. While some clients hire us for the CBRE platform and all that it has to offer, I also realize that clients are also hiring the individual as well. I therefore take seriously the importance of creating a brand for myself as someone who is aware of what is happening in corporate America, the larger issues affecting business, how companies occupy space and how technology is evolving.

Aside from my blog, I use LinkedIn and follow/contribute to several groups there. It's amazing what people are willing to share. Twitter is an amazing source of information, news, comedy, etc. I follow a few other blogs, but honestly none that I love regarding commercial real estate.

And lastly, yes...with select clients, I use Facebook. There's no hiding, so I embrace it. If you saw my Facebook page, it would be exactly what you think it would be: kids, Yankees, Giants, and Bruce Springsteen.

As busy as I am on with representing my clients, I do make sure to devote time every day to both using social media to stay current on the day’s news and trends, as well as communicating with my own network, which I am constantly building.

Social media has not only been a great vehicle for me personally, but more importantly, in a professional sense it has no doubt paid significant dividends."

If you have yet to make social media a part of your daily routine, there are three steps that I would recommend to get active:

1. Make better use of LinkedIn. Everyone has an account at this point, but most people use it passively. It can be a great tool to make new connections either through mutual contacts or through groups. The more time you put in, the more you will get out of it.

It’s also a great way to establish a thought leadership position—make the best of Status Updates by sharing news and insights about topics of interest to your audience and get involved in industry Groups like Commercial Real Estate Investment & Development, Commercial Real Estate Executives and The Real Estate Networking Group.

2. Register for Twitter and follow and engage with notable commercial real estate leaders such as Coy Davidson (@CoyDavidsonCRE), Barbi Reuter (@BarbiReuter) and Duke Long (@DukeLong). This is also a great venue to share real-time industry news, network at conferences and promote your own content like blog posts, company news, etc.

3. You had to know I would eventually go here—sign up for The News Funnel to share information about your company and other topics you find of interest. Additionally you can see what your competitors are up to and create a custom newsfeed to better track industry news.

You can expect more profiles in the weeks to come. Which individual or company would you like for me to feature? Are there particular social media topics that you are interested in learning more about?