Profile of real estate social media leader: CORE Group Marketing (#2 in the series)

I have long been an admirer of Shaun Osher and his New York-based residential sales and marketing firm, CORE Group Marketing. CORE is a leading, full-service, boutique real estate brokerage specializing in the marketing of premiere residential properties. CORE was founded by CEO Shaun Osher and Jack Cayre, who envisioned a dynamic boutique brokerage driven by innovation. Within the past six years, CORE has introduced more than 25 new development properties to the New York City real estate market, selling more than $1 billion in real estate.

One of the things that always struck me about Shaun and his firm is how passionate they are about thinking out of the box. Many people are familiar with their TV Show “Selling NY”, but they have been doing cool and innovative things since I first met them about six years ago. It’s not surprising then to learn of CORE's commitment and investment in social media.

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I spoke with Kristina Helb, Director of Communications at CORE, and got her take on social media, how CORE uses it and where she thinks it’s all headed.

Michael: How does CORE view the importance of social media in getting its message out about the firm, its people and properties? Kristina: At CORE we pride ourselves on being innovative in the real estate marketing space. Social media allows us to communicate in unique and direct ways. We are also able to share content that would not fit in traditional media.

Michael: What social media tools does the company use and which are most effective? Kristina: We use several social media tools including FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube and the CORE Blog. Through these mediums, we are able to connect with our target audiences. CORE is the first real estate company to start a blog and we use this as a platform to showcase CORE projects, spotlight agents, share market insights and break news on CORE projects.

Michael: How do you actually define success in the social media space? Which metrics do you use to determine if something is effective or not?

Kristina: Our success is a combination of quantifying visitors and followers and qualifying their level of engagement. We examine the traffic we are getting and how people are interacting with the content. 

Michael: What are some of the tactics the company deploys that are unique in the marketplace? Kristina: We were the first real estate brokerage in New York City to utilize Pinterest, in addition to being the first to start a blog. We also utilize beautiful imagery and video content – users are very visual so this has proven to be successful.

Michael: How do you encourage your associates to use social media? What percentage do you think are active in social media? Kristina: We encourage our agents to follow CORE on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and to subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed. The content we generate is great for our agents to repost to help market their brands and position them as experts. We also help agents who may not be as familiar with social media develop their personal pages through training seminars. It is important that agents not only leverage social media, but that they are communicating relevant, brand-building content.

Michael: Where does the firm see the future of social media heading as it relates to residential real estate? Kristina: We’ll have to wait to see what the next hot social media platform is!

If you know of someone or a company that you would consider a leader in this arena, let me know and you may just see their profile in a future post.

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