Has real estate news become less important?

There are more avenues than ever before to find information and news from the real estate industry. Blogs, news sites, Twitter and LinkedIn – the list goes on and on. But even though there is more news to read, is it better news? Is it more substantive? Or, has industry news become so "fluffy" that it’s largely noise people in the industry are tuning out?

I realize in this type of economy there are fewer deals and hard news to report on, but given the growing popularity of social media, it seems counterintuitive that finding really good content has become harder than ever.

The 24/7 media news cycle requires a constant stream of story ideas and information to feed it. But what content should companies and their publicists develop and distribute in order to contribute meaningfully to the media discourse about real estate?

Jeremy Neuer, a good friend of mine and fellow real estate blogger, made a comment the other day on his blog about wanting better content and wanting to hear from the industry’s top executives as well. That got me thinking about what PR practitioners should doing to expose their clients to tools that enable them to create the “better” content that seems to be missing today.

Maybe the answer really is that we need more people using social media to self-publish. Perhaps when more of our sector embraces these tools, a greater number of real estate industry leaders will contribute their thoughts and ideas, and we will begin to follow other industries like tech and finance that have really insightful content.

So maybe the job of PR and marketing people like me is to not focus so much on developing new content to fill the airwaves, but to teach clients about all of the amazing social media tools available so they can play an active role in creating the better, richer content that I think is sorely missing in the marketplace today.