When did media get to be such a pain in the ass?

This was an actual comment someone said to me the other day. 

In fact, it’s the type of comment I have heard a lot lately. Real estate professionals (and it’s probably true of most business professionals) are being overwhelmed with the amount of emails they are receiving from the media. Event promotions, LinkedIn announcements, Twitter updates. The list goes on.

Many of my peers have said they are now unsubscribing to a lot of the media email lists and social media sites because it’s getting in the way of their ability to sort through important emails. I am sure there is someone somewhere (or maybe it even exists already) coming up with an email product that sorts emails based on importance for people because of this very problem.

When did this all start to happen? Is it a byproduct of too many tools being available for companies to email content? It’s a scary trend and I am afraid it could backfire if it gets even more out of control. People don’t want their email inboxes overwhelmed with non-essential communications. It's one of the main reasons I started The News Funnel; to take a lot of content out of email and place it in a designated site that contains all of the news and promotions from every source in the real estate industry, in one place. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love media, and have spent my entire career in the industry. I am a news and information junkie. I embarked on this journey to create the news and information highway for the real estate industry (www.thenewsfunnel.com) because I was worried that people in the industry were tuning out news. Survey after survey, meeting after meeting, confirms this trend. It’s ironic because there has never been so much content out there, and such great content to boot.

So think about the trend that’s happening: there is greater, smarter, more relevant content online today than ever before, but more and more business readers are tuning out greater amounts of online news and information for the simple reason that there is too much "noise".

The solution? i would suggest to my friends in the media to send out less e-mails, but make them more impactful. I was speaking with one editor of a major trade publication the other day and she was commenting about how they are coming up with fresh news products that are shorter, more social and more relevant. That’s what the media in my opinion needs to be focused on. If the new trend is toward more digestible, more relevant news, I believe that the media will be as essential as, say pricing and space availability, in the overall scheme of what’s most relevant to the professionals in the real estate industry.