Yahoo COO says the future of the web will be....


A groundbreaking idea? Not to many of us that have been focused on creating personalized web experiences for a while. It's a natural evolution of where things have been and where they are going and it makes sense for Yahoo to pursue this direction. But, they won't be alone in this pursuit.

This is old news to us at The News Funnel ( Our entire focus is on creating a personalized, curated news experience for real estate professionals. Look at the countless on line magazines like Zite, Flipboard and others as another validation that this is where news in particular is not just heading, but is already there.

What’s driving the trend? As noted in previous blog entrees (When did media get to be such a pain in the ass?Linked In? Or Linked Out?Has real estate news become less important?) there is simply too much content on line and everyone is overwhelmed with the amount of emails both from media and people sharing updates. In this era of too much content, business professionals in particular are tuning out rather than tuning in. What’s really needed therefore are tools to not just curate and customize, but that offer new ways to package and deliver that content other than email. That's where some really exciting innovation is taking place and where the big breakthroughs will come.