Move over big data, here comes the "content is king" wave!

While I recognize that they are two completely different animals, there was a time when all I was reading about was Big Data. No doubt it’s a game changer when it comes toanalytics, targeting and retargeting. But content is all I seem to be reading about these days. And, in all of the conversations I am having in the social media context, the discussions are all about how content is really the big focus now. Why? Because with a constant stream of new social media sites and tools, what is needed more than ever is relevant, insightful content to fill those channels.

There is an entire "content farm" industry now that is thriving. Companies paid not only by websites to produce content, but on behalf of companies themselves. I would argue though that a company should be able to do a great deal of this themselves. After all, who knows a particular topic better than a company that isactively engaged in that business sector.

Here is a great article I just read that makes this point very powerfully:

A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers' Questions

At The News Funnel, I have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of new, original content being uploaded to our site. To date, since our soft launch in late 2012, we have received literally thousands of pieces of content from companies. I hope this is a growing trend, not just for our site, but really for the industry as a whole. What’s most exciting about this trend isn’t just the volume of press releases, market research and blogs being created and uploaded to our site, but rather the originality of this content. Companies are increasingly being very creative with their content and creating compelling, insightful and analytical articles that I truly believe will help differentiate them in the market and drive traffic to their web properties. He is a few examples of good, fresh content that I found in my customized funnel (The News Funnel) this past week.

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