Does Facebook work for B-to-B companies?

Time and time again I hear the same comment from commercial real estate companies, "We are on Facebook but it really doesn't do anything for us". I wonder if now that the buzz is out in the marketplace that users are also undergoing Facebook fatigue, will companies have the courage to say "We used to use Facebook, but stopped because it really didn’t do anything for us".

Too often I run into many companies that jump on the social media bandwagon just so that they can "check the box" when in fact they have no idea how to effectively use these social media properties and even if they will work for them at all. The important questions that should be asked when considering a social media campaign like using Facebook for instance include: "are my customers here?", "are my competitors here?" and "will I be able to consistently supply the site with regular updates?", etc...

In my opinion, the future of social media and small business will be that the company itself will become the destination for professionals to go to. Companies should be thinking less about what other sites go to and hope their customers find them there, and more about how to drive engagement with their current customers on their own channels. That's where creating unique content and building out delivery solutions will be so important. I would recommend real estate companies and small businesses spend more time and money investing in these types of solutions to drive customer engagement.

Here are some good examples that really raise the bar on content and delivery solutions: