Why we need journalists and editors

As social media is how most people are getting their news these days, it also appears to be increasingly co-opted by those that see it as a way to disrupt business and society at large. http://nyti.ms/Y6TZl9




While the good that social media does far outweighs the bad, there needs to be a healthy skepticism of the content contained on most of these channels. There is obviously no turning back on the trend of citizen journalism, but giving people the power to publish is fraught with danger as well. While no one wants to slow the instantaneous nature of posting content in real time, I think unfortunately we are going to see more and more instances of both fake news and people hacking social media outlets. It's simply too easy to do.

The solution? There aren’t any easy answers. If filters are added, it would change the nature of social media and that’s simply not realistic. At The News Funnel, while we don't have editors, we do have tools in place to filter content and review what is posted to our site. The combination of both technological tools and human editing does give us hopefully the ability to screen bad content. But we aren't of the scale of a RedditTwitter or Facebook so we can control our content much better. Plus, we are a pure b-to-b site with content from companies and not individuals. But I would still argue that these monster sites need to ultimately find a way to prevent fake news from one day becoming the norm. The dangers are simply too great to have content left completely unchecked.