Surprising and not so surprising findings in recent survey on tech trends in commercial real estate

We recently conducted a survey at The News Funnel to gauge the industry sentiment as it relates to technology trends in the commercial real estate sector. Some of the results were not so surprising, but one thing really stood out. The main takeaway from The News Funnel survey was how many exciting new websites are being launched on a regular basis creating a real tech revolution in the industry. What was really surprising however was the amount of respondents who said they are still getting the majority of their news and information from their desktop devices as opposed to mobile. It's completely contrarian to what’s obviously happening in the tech sector at large as mobile is taking the tech world by storm. I guess old habits die hard, but I also believe that if someone can get the industry to adopt to a mobile solution, they will have the field to themselves! Here are the major findings of our survey:

Which data and information website is used the most by industry professionals?

Which new real estate tech site are you most impressed with?

Which aspect of the industry is experiencing the most exciting innovation?

  • More than half of the survey respondents selected "news", followed by "marketing" and "space search".

Which area is lagging the most in regards to tech innovation?

  • "Data analysis" was the answer most given followed by "marketing" and then "property management".

When asked which sector of the industry is experiencing the most innovation residential or commercial?

  • Almost 70% of the survey said "commercial".

Finally, and most surprising, when asked what type of device you use to access real estate information:

  • 83% said their desktop while only %17 said mobile.

As always, comments and feedback welcome.