Suitey wants to change the way you look at residential real estate (and I, for one, think they are on to something big!)

David Walker, Co-Founder of Suitey has big plans for his new company. I hesitate to even refer to what he is building as a "website" because it is so much more than that. I would argue that he is potentially building one of the most unique real estate companies in the marketplace. residential real estate, NYC, New YorkDavid's goal is to transform the residential sales model in urban markets (starting in New York) by leading with very sophisticated search technology and building a team of high-caliber real estate sales professionals to assist with the actual transaction.  The process starts with the best search platform in New York City. Suitey lets consumers search every New York City apartment for sale overlayed on a beautiful map. When you are ready to schedule an appointment to see an apartment, they have a great team of agents paid on client satisfaction - not commission - to show you the exact apartments you see online! Think Trulia and Zillow but with a more focused search niche and real people to assist in the process.

I spent some time getting to know David and his company and walked away convinced that he is on to something really unique.

Michael Beckerman: What’s your background? 

David Walker: My background is at tech startups.  While at Yale University I joined a technology company that managed mobile devices for Fortune 2000 businesses and was acquired after bringing an old industry into the age of technology.  I met my co-founder at Yale and after he spent a few years in finance in New York, we teamed up to start Suitey.

Michael: Do you have any personal connection to the real estate industry?

David: Yes, my father is a real estate developer in Florida and I remember spending my summers doing everything from working on a construction crew to property management and leasing.  I grew up around the real estate industry and after working in the world of technology, I am now able to merge the two.

Michael: Why did you create Suitey? 

David: I created Suitey because I fundamentally believe that finding a great apartment in New York City should be a simple, enjoyable experience. I know real estate and I know technology; Suitey is the future of what's possible for real estate brokerages, and it's all focused on creating a great experience for our clients.

Michael: How does your site actually work?

David: Suitey gives our clients access to the best search experience in New York by bringing transparency to online listings and allowing our clients to book appointments online. We have a great team of agents that are paid on salary and a bonus based on client satisfaction that shows our clients the exact apartments they find online.  By leveraging technology to be more efficient, we are able to pass on a rebate to our clients at closing to help them save up to 5% of their down payment.

Michael: How have you built the company?

David: The company has been growing incredibly quickly.  What we're doing is truly revolutionary - bringing transparency to online listing search and having a team of agents that are paid more when our clients find the right apartment, not just the most expensive apartment.   We're seeing steady growth in the number of referrals we have gotten in the past two years.

Michael: Are you hiring? If so, what types of people are looking for?

David: We are a fast growing team and have been hiring constantly.  We are always looking for real estate professionals that believe the status quo must change and want to be a part of technology startup that is making real change.

There you have it - truly revolutionary. Have you tried using Suitey? What are your thoughts on the concept?