The Real Estate Tech World: A Win-Win Sector

One of the most profound observations I’ve had since joining the tech world full-time last year with my little startup, The News Funnel, is how nicely everyone plays in the sandbox. Prior to starting The News Funnel, I spent the previous 25 years building Beckerman PR and Antenna Group, which are two well-established PR firms. More often than not, I encountered giant egos and companies that were intent on crushing their competitors. I get it – it’s a dog-eat-dog world and unfortunately, alot of people in business tend to get more excited over ‘win-lose’ situations than ‘win-win’.  Although that was never really my personality, I completely understand that business is hyper competitive and a lot of people want to win at any cost.

When I entered the tech field, the first thing that struck me was the extraordinary amount of camaraderie between sites and people who work there. To my surprise, I quickly realized this was a ‘win-win’ industry after seeing how collaborative everyone is in the real estate tech world. Even those that have competitive sites have that ‘win-win’ mentality. The effort put into sharing knowledge, best practices, and business strategies is unlike anything I have seen to date. While most of us business owners are extremely competitive and share a common goal of winning, it just seems that for the most part, it’s NOT at the expense of others. 

I was recently visiting with the CEO of one of the hot real estate tech sites in San Francisco and he made a subtle comment about how he just helped two other tech startups raise money. I don’t think that is something you would typically hear from a real estate developer or broker, or a PR firm for that matter!

Here is a great example of how collaborative the space is:

While I am as competitive as anyone, I think the "win-win" model is something everyone could benefit from, no matter the industry.