What Struck Me About CRE Tech San Francisco: A Recap of CRE Tech Intersect

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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a really cool event organized by Pierce Neinken of CBRE, called CRE Tech Intersect. While being fortunate enough to meet up with many old friends, I was also able to make lots of new friends in the CRE tech industry.

The event, which was promoted and run by Pierce was incredibly well-organized.  When I left, I reflected on two major observations:

1. How many tech startup firms were in attendance, and how truly innovative their sites are. Every day, I discover another amazing site that helps make the CRE world more efficient, organized and cutting-edge. Continually finding these sites makes me realize what an exciting time it is for us CRE professionals.  During the past year, I have seen more innovation in the CRE space than in my past 25 years of experience in the business.

2. The other observation, and maybe the more surprising one, is how many of the attendees looked like me (albeit with more hair and less grey). As I walked around the conference, which was hosted by Rockefeller Development Group, I couldn't help but notice that the crowd was not as young as one would expect to find at a tech event. It's a really good sign. It clearly means that it’s not just the young and fearless who are embracing these changes and advances, but also the old dogs like me.

Congrats on a great event, Pierce!

Check out the following sites to get introduced to some of the hottest new sites in the industry: The News Funnel42FloorsAptoCompStakFlyerFlooredFundriseHonest BuildingsLeaseMatrixLiquidspaceMotionloftPopulariseProspectNowSeatnavStorefrontTenantRexThe Square Foot, and View The Space.

For pictures and other information about the event, visit http://cretechintersect.com/.