The Evolution of Trade Media

cre tech news, cre tech, re tech, re tech news, real estate news These days, I mostly have my head buried in my new website, The News Funnel, and spend less time following the ins and outs of the real estate industry – a big change for me. I spent most of my professional career at Beckerman PR being paid to know the what’s, where’s, and how’s of the real estate industry’s leading companies.

Therefore, as a result of my focus on building my new company, I confess that I am not as in the loop on the media landscape these days.  So, it was a pleasant surprise the other day when I was checking my customized news funnel (normally, I use the site several times a day to quickly scan the headlines) and I decided to take a deep dive into a few of the media sites themselves. I was surprised by what I found…in a good way!

In particular, Globe StreetThe Commercial Observer and The Real Deal are three really impressive sites that have dramatically evolved since my last ‘deep dive.’ Their diverse content and innovative news features and reporting tools particularly amazed me. I saw how all three had evolved into more than just a source for great journalism; they have morphed into a hub of ideas, related content and engagement.

For media to survive and prosper in this environment, where traditional forms of advertising and news consumption are constantly changing, sites like these are clearly raising the bar.

What are your thoughts? Has traditional media evolved with all the technological advances taking place in the marketplace? Which are your favorite news sites?