Fake Press Releases and the Danger of Wire Services

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We have seen fake news all over Twitter, Reddit and many other social media platforms.

Now, it seems people have figured out that you can rig the wire services as well. Take this article for example – Fake Press Release Said Samsung Buying Fingerprint-Sensor Company.

This goes along with recent points I’ve been trying to make about social media; although social media brings a lot of good and has changed the business landscape, there are negative facets of social networks that we cannot ignore.

It seems that each new social networking site wants you to publish as much content as possible, without really caring what the content is or what the message conveys. Because the days of needing to get a news announcement approved by a real journalist and or a real editor seem to be over, much of what we read on the web is actually BS. Much of the content we read is either the product of people who have nothing better to do than take advantage of the ease of publishing a rumor or fake news, or a company trying to hurt a competitor or profit from a story they can easily post.

I get it – posting superficial, gossipy stories can be fun, mindless reading. However, when stories break about dead celebrities who are not actually dead or those falsely accused of crimes, and even natural disasters gone awry, there are real implications and consequences.

At some point, real damage will be done and there will be a tipping point where some of these sites will see their credibility and viability is at stake without having some form of content review period. The old adage of "any press is good press" might not work out so well for the publishers and wire services in this era of easy content publishing unless more safeguards are put in place.