Crowdfunding and Real Estate...This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

I received the following email a few days ago and I have to say, hats off to my friend Ben Zises from RetailMLS. RetailMLS is one of my favorite new real estate startups and Ben isn't wasting any time to get out in front of the changes in fundraising laws.  Ben has made the smart move to use crowdfunding as a way to give small investors a piece of his fast growing site when normally, opportunities like this are not available to the masses.

Changes in fundraising laws have resulted in many industries being transformed overnight.  Big sites such as Indigogo and Kickstarter are the big names of which most people are aware. But in the real estate industry, we are starting to see more and more crowdfunding sites appear such as AngelList, Fundrise and Groundbreaker.  As this trend accelerates, I think it's only a matter of time until other startups follow what Ben at RetailMLS is doing.

Good luck Ben and keep us posted on your success!

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