New Name, New Look, Same Old Boring Guy


I decided to change up my blog a bit (not that anyone really cares). I started thinking about what I continue to gravitate toward with my blog and how it’s evolved since I started it last year. At first, I was really consumed with the intersection of technology and real estate -- two of my current passions. But as it evolved, I found myself focusing on building a business, my observations of my current journey and lessons learned from my first business venture.

I started a public relations firm (Beckerman PR) when I was very young, early 20s. No formal education and certainly no knowledge of that field. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but was fortunate to build something of significance.  I was extremely proud of my business and at the height of the firm’s success, I decided to walk away from running it and turn over the reins to others to see where they could take it. My family, friends and clients thought I was nuts! And they still do.

But what I knew about myself was that I get bored with success. Not trying to sound arrogant, reckless or irresponsible, but it’s true. I was bored and lost my passion. I could hear myself talking at meetings and I hated the sound of it. I’ve always had this weird ability to look down and see myself. And I started to get very uncomfortable with how people treated me differently as my company got more successful. They didn't treat me poorly or anything. They actually showed me undo amounts of respect that I felt I didn’t deserve. After all, all I did was build a small business. I didn’t solve world hunger or cure cancer or anything.

As a result, I kept thinking to myself that I was becoming a caricature of the personae I had built from scratch. Unfortunately, it wasn't me. It was some big shot PR exec I created out of the thin air (think Don Draper without the good looks), and I didn’t want to be that guy anymore.

Sure, the easy road was right in front of me. After 25 years of working around the clock with insane amounts of pressure, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I knew that I only had to work a few more years, build up a good infrastructure to insulate me, and then off to the sunset I could go. I would finally relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

NOT!!! That just wasn't me unfortunately. I knew that I loved to build. I was fascinated with those who recreated themselves. My favorite line of all time, one that I stare at daily on my desk at home says, "those not busy being born are busy dyin". That's why I have always been obsessed with artists, musicians and authors. Each time they sit down to create, they stare at a blank page, canvas, etc. … Amazing! Risky! Inspiring!

So I decided to do what (almost) everyone suggested that I don’t do... I started a new company from scratch (The News Funnel). Most told me I was suffering from a midlife crisis, but I didn't care. I picked an industry I knew nothing about, an industry I was told was the domain of young people exclusively... technology.

And so, here I am. Learning, getting my ass kicked daily, scraping by and working ridiculous hours all over again. And you know what? I am loving every minute of it. The passion, the excitement and the challenges are all back. And that's why I call my blog, The Second Time Around.

Thanks for listening to this narcissistic rant. I hope to share some insights I have learned, continue to learn and inspiration I get from others. I hope you will contribute your stories as well.