The Future of Media is Actually Happening Right Before our Eyes

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Recently I have been thinking about my daily reading habits. Of course, everyday it’s the Wall Street Journal and New York Times for me to stay tuned into the world at large. But I noticed how much time I am increasingly spending reading blog posts and User Generated Content on my site,, as well as on LinkedIn other social media-oriented sites. My favorites are from the CRE blogger community like Duke Long, Barbi Reuter, Jeremy Neuer, Benjamin Osgood and Coy Davidson. Then there are the market experts in specific regions like Bob Knakal, who provides really smart local market insights. There are too many others to mention who present smart, insightful and unique analysis.

Case in point, read Jeremy’s recent blog describing a tour he took of CBRE's new LA offices. Brilliant insights. The type of article you would expect to see in a major CRE trade publication.

There has been so much talk in the media for years about the future of the news industry. And virtually every day you read about another print publication folding (New York mag, Newsweek). It became obvious to me that if you want to know where the media industry is heading, it’s actually happening right now, right before our eyes.

It used to be that in my old PR days, we would actually ghost write a lot of these types of "bylines". It would be an understatement to call them "puff" pieces :) Now, the platforms and tools are there for professionals like Jeremy to become "market experts" on their own. And I am not talking about those who "post" other people's news. That's actually the least effective in my view and the most annoying thing about LinkedIn. Why do I need someone else to post an article from The New York Times when I already read it and 10 others are doing the same thing!

The best ones are redefining news as we know it by actually creating original content and providing really insightful commentary. Expect that as more and more professionals discover the power of self publishing, a whole new world of media will open up and be born. And in my mind, that's a very, very good thing!