The Kids Are Alright

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Something is happening; something really important. Something everyone in the real estate industry should take note of.

I have been doing demos across the country of my new site, The News Funnel, for almost two years. I do these demos for basically anyone who will listen, in all parts of the country. I am a very "boots on the ground" kinda guy who prefers to do my own market research by watching peoples’ expressions when I show them my site and from observing their questions as well.

Two years ago, the expressions were mostly blank and the questions were pretty much non-existent. The meetings were also made up of a lot of people who looked like me (maybe with a bit more hair and less grey as well :)

Fast-forward to recent demos and things are noticeably different. In virtually every demo I do now there are younger faces and with them the heads are nodding like "I get it" and the questions are insightful like "how is this different than Twitter?" or "is this more efficient than Google alerts?" or "can you get your site to do a, b and c, etc.?"

Now, these younger faces aren't the top rainmakers at their respective firms yet, but they are probably the ones who get what their clients are doing with technology as well as anyone out there. Soon, without much fanfare, these young Turks will be in the driver’s seat because they “get” technology and how it is dramatically impacting every aspect of the business world.

Recently I had the pleasure of going on a tour of the new CBRE LA office space at the suggestion of my good friend, Jeremy Neuer. I was fortunate to have Lew Horne, the manager of the office, lead me on this tour. Honestly, I have never seen an office space with as many amazing technological advances as this one had. For me, it rivaled the Bloomberg headquarters space I toured in Manhattan a while back.

When I took this tour I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of converged and shared spaces were occupied by the younger employees. There was no paper. Instead, there were screens and gadgets all over the place.

This is the future and they are the future.

That’s not to suggest that no one in my age bracket is embracing technology. I have written extensively about the Duke Longs, Coy Davidsons and others who are leading the pack.