Don’t call me and I won’t call you!

don't call me graphic

Warning: obnoxious, narcissistic rant lies ahead.

One of my friends was teasing me the other day about how I never pick up my phone when he calls. Then, another one said the same thing. And another. I think I get the message. Sorry guys, I promise to try to do better.

The evident frustration they expressed made me think about when this all started for me. Back when I was running my PR firm, I would get a daily call sheet from my assistant and would spend literally all day on the phone. I HATED it. People just ranting and raving all day and night. But, I was paid to listen, so that’s what I did.

Fast forward to today and I am working on my new tech start up, The News Funnel, with a skeleton crew, no clients and few people who want/actually care enough to call me. You know what? I kinda got used to it. And as a result, I was sooooo much more productive! Now, I could literally spend hours thinking, strategizing, researching etc, without any disruptions all day. Pure heaven for someone like me whose entire previous business life was 100% social.

I also noticed that other members of the tech sector that I would interact with had this kinda unwritten code about never calling anyone and if you do, make it important enough to Skype. Over time, I saw how amazingly productive this was and how much wasted time occurs when dealing with people just calling to bullshit. Hours and hours wasted each day.

With email, text and Skype etc. being so prevalent, I honestly feel that the phone call has become obsolete for many of us. Now, before I get all types of nasty comments about how this is "ruining society,” and how important "human interaction is", I am not suggesting that we do away with actually talking and connecting with a live person. I meet up with folks, visit other offices and socialize just fine, but I typically try to do that during non-working hours or in hyper short meetings. This enables me during the day to really jam and interact with my team in the office.  I also don’t "do lunches" anymore.

So, sorry to my friend Joe F. for not sliding the green arrow on the phone when he calls. I got caught up in the "no calls zone" and forgot to make sure my friends weren’t also included in that polar vortex!