57 Channels and Nothing on …

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A special shout out to my good friend Jeremy Neuer for the Springsteen-inspired headline!

I keep reading about content… and content… and content. And, I also keep reading about how websites are dead and how brands want to be the purveyor of all things content. This all makes sense to me.

Duke Long recently passed along a fascinating Forbes article to me about how the corporate website is dying. As someone who has spent 25 years in the PR world, I know a thing or two about content and platforms. So, the question that must be asked is ... What if these two trends below continue?

1) With more content online in a myriad of places, websites increasingly get less and less traction.

2) And with all of this content, tons and tons of social media channels are flooded with everyone and every company posting everything.

You know what’s going to happen? Less and less content will get read because it will all just drown itself out. LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. News sites … Aggregators that repurpose all of this content. (Guilty as charged).

The audience will simply tune it all out because it’s just too damn much and overwhelming to the average business person who doesn't even spend that much time each day sourcing and reading trade media content anyway.

It’s going to get ugly.

That very idea is what led me to build my own website, The News Funnel with the simple goal of building THE platform to house all real estate news and all other industry content.

But enough self-promotion.

I think the solution for companies that do want to win in this "content is king" environment is to actually reverse the "website is dead" trend by turning their websites into portals for content that is less promotional and more informative to all for their clients. These companies also must utilize tools to push out that content in unobtrusive ways. The companies that can actually deliver relevant, smart and useful content will win, but it’s all going to be about the distribution channels at some point very soon.

So, there are indeed "57 channels and nothing on" now, but that could change quickly if companies and brand builders focus less on getting content out all over every possible channel and define themselves as individual, smart content channels.

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