And the Future of Brands is…

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 YOU! Perhaps in no other industry does the opportunity to become a “self-brand” present itself better than in the real estate industry where everyone “eats what they kill” for a living. But, everywhere these days, all you read about is how companies are branding themselves as content creators and destinations for content discovery. All true and good … however, in my mind, the real power always lies in the individual brand because ultimately the longest-lasting, best brands are the ones where people support the larger brand platform.

In a time where it’s easier than ever to market yourself using social media, why more real estate professionals aren’t doing so is beyond me. Besides old-fashioned networking, social media is the most effective way to build a quality reputation and steady book of business. More importantly, it literally takes only a few minutes per day.

Here are some of the easiest things you can do to build a personal brand:

Get a blog – it doesn’t have to be personal. Write a blog entry per week on business. Keep it short. Keep it interesting. This is an incredibly powerful tool.

Use traditional media – promote your deals and expertise via press releases sent to local and trade media.

Use social media – forget Twitter for a moment. How about just making sure that your profile on LinkedIn is sharp and up-to-date.

Use speaking engagements – get involved in local events and speak on a panel. Most of the event companies are always looking for new experts.

Get involved in local charity – besides giving back, this is also a great way to network with fellow like-minded, do-gooders.

Here are some examples of real estate professionals that understand the importance of building a brand to build their own business:

Follow their great examples or the simple ideas I listed above, and you too, will be on your way to building a brand that will only bring you more deals and opportunities in your career!