If you build it, will they come???

real estate news, news app, cre news app, real estate app, commercial real estate newsDespite my friends Jeremy Neuer and Rich Tucker pushing and pushing and pushing me to launch a real estate news mobile app for our new site, The News Funnel, I guess I really didn’t believe how important it was until we actually launched our own mobile app. I had personally spent two years doing demo after demo of www.thenewsfunnel.com and not once did I observe or get any feedback about any sort of demand for mobile for our site. Survey after survey revealed that almost 75% of our subscribers said they get their industry news on their desktop device.

And then, when we finally launched our mobile app, I heard these words whispering to me..."if you build it, they will come!” And they did. Just like the final scene in Field of Dreams, they kept coming and coming and coming. We reached almost 1000 downloads in no time :)

So, I am not exactly sure how to explain it. Was it the young turks who embraced it? Not exactly. Was it because the app was so super cool and such a time saver??? I would like to think so. But, overall, what I really think I learned from our recent experience is that the saying is really true, "if you build it, they will come.” I think I also learned a valuable lesson, which is NOT to always adhere to polls and research and follow your gut when it comes to new product innovation. There is also one other observation to take away here, and that is that there’s a possibility that mobile is just so damn easy to engage in and it has such a lower barrier to entry for adoption that it will indeed grow quicker than traditional applications.

I must confess that the journey to get our real estate industry to embrace tech has not been an easy one. Most of the people I run into are just simply ambivalent to embracing tech. I hear that same sentiment from a lot of my fellow tech startups. But maybe, just maybe, mobile is indeed the game changer and with it, there will be a faster embrace since all you read about everyday in every article is about how the explosion of mobile is happening everywhere. And, perhaps, it’s finally about to happen in the real estate industry!

So, now that I’ve put in my two cents, I would love to hear from others about what their favorite real estate mobile apps are and the features that separate them from the rest of pack.

I would love your feedback on our new app! Download it today and let me know what you think.