Who Knew ?!?!

sta graphic One of things I have really noticed in building our news platform is how fantastic the writing has gotten from so many real estate industry professionals. I honestly was really blown away by the submissions we have gotten on our site.

When I was running my PR firm, Beckerman PR, it was always such a struggle to get people to write "bylines," as we called them back then. More often, we wrote them for them and just slapped their name on it :)

Fast forward to today and when we started reaching out to industry pros to get them to guest blog, I was really, really surprised at the reaction. Not only did we get an outpouring of interest, those that we selected were totally comfortable writing their own content and you know what, it’s awesome stuff!!! No editing or suggestions by our team at The News Funnel. No reminders about getting them to post their blog entries. 100% self-sufficient and also they are creating some amazing content.

Here are some examples:

Why the Desktop is Dead – Michael Griffin

South Florida Condo Developers Are Hungry For More – Ben Moss

Not Pretty – Jeremy Neuer


Drag on Office Market Growth in DC – Nathan Edwards and Bethany Schnieder

Supply, Demand and CRE Sales – Bob Knakal

3 Disruptive Trends that Will Rock Commercial Real Estate Over the Next Two Decades – Troy Golden

Is Miami Getting Greener? – Ken Krasnow

Tech Mobility: Effects on the Worker and the Company – Jeffrey Weil

Is there ALTRUISM in #CRE? – Allen Buchanan

Bikes, the Next Wave of “Mass” Transit – Meade Boutwell

Anyone who follows the media landscape can tell you that the future of content is that brands are becoming their own sources of original content. But, I actually think the future is more about business professionals becoming their own subbrands. It's happening all over pop culture and social media where you see so much great content on places like YouTube, Vine and Instagram. It's only a matter of time before this trend

reaches the business world (other than the mega business celebrities like the Mark Cubans and Richard Bransons of the world). And these bloggers I referenced above are, in my opinion, the real future of content creation.