rip graphic I am finally print free! Took a while. I am old school in many ways and a part of me just was holding out thinking one day I would get to read all of those Sunday The New York Times piling up in my library at home. And, I am kind of a neat freak, so day after day of looking at that mass of papers was starting to get to me.

I knew it was an emotional thing, my holding onto print. I grew up reading newspapers and watching my dad, every night, reading his New York Times with such intensity that when he turned the pages and folded them back, you literally would get startled if you were in the same room as him.

And the weird part about my holding out to read the Sunday paper was that I was already reading the entire paper online :)

I am now in the news business and my team and I have built a news app for the real estate industry that is now my favorite way to digest content. It’s fast, customizable and very accurate (I might be a little biased, though). In fact, I get all of my news now on my iPad and iPhone, and I love it. I read everything on my mobile devices and since most sites are responsive designed, they work great. ForbesFortuneThe Wall Street JournalFast CompanyTechCrunchAllThingsD and Inc. are some of my favorites for work. For pleasure, I go to, and for a little pop and music culture.

The other day, I finally got the courage to call The New York Times and ask for a "digital only" subscription and, you know what, it felt liberating. There is a great article on why print is dying and folks like me (the last holdouts) are finally throwing in the towel.

So, goodbye print. I enjoyed your company for decades, but me and my library are feeling a little less cluttered as a result!

*An Update on the Death of Print...the Trend Continues* - "Media Giant Gannett to Spin Off USA Today and Print Business" 

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