If you're not embracing technology, here is your wake up call

Embracing technology In my own journey, building a new website for an industry that is mostly tech-adverse (real estate), it's been a struggle to get folks to want to embrace new technology tools like my site The News Funnel. Even though it’s fairly simple, and it saves users so much time by having a curated news feed for them, I still get greeted a lot when I talk about tech as if I am speaking a difference language.

But, it’s changing. Albiet slowly. Nonetheless, there are clear signs that tech in real state is going to have a profound impact on the industry over the next few years. Those that don’t embrace it had better read the article below, because the generations that are following mine are going to put people and companies out of work, unless they get with the program:


Just look at how these kids no longer look at a challenge and throw their hands up with disgust, or sit idly by. What they do is fix it. Using technology. With little money or resources.

If you’re in an older industry, particularly large B2B verticals, change is coming faster than you realize. Before you know it, you will be a dinosaur. It used to be that age was the thing that made you obsolete in the workforce, but now, it's being tech obsolete.