Medium is a game changer

medium is a game changer (At least for me)

I am obsessed with Medium, in a good way, of course. I am on it virtually every day. Not for long. But, just long enough to discover something awesome, thought-provoking and highly original literally every time I visit the site.

They are clearly onto something at Medium. It seems to really know who it is (a site that helps facilitate the discovery of great content) and what it is not (the gazillionth social media site that has cute photos of cats doing silly things)!

Here's what I love about Medium:

  1. It is simple, easy to navigate and manually curated if you're just too busy to discover stuff on your own (guilty as charged)!
  1. The content is amazing. The writing is killer. The topics are really, really thoughtful, original, smart as hell and deeply personal.
  1. It's incredibly well designed. The layout of the site and blogs is really stunning. Total eye candy in terms of content.
  1. It's interactive. It's easy to get engaged. It invites you in, but very subtly.
  1. It's the future of journalism and blogging in the way it curates amazing original content from people who really have something important to say; I really feel strongly about that.

While there is so much content out there today, a lot of it is junk. All headlines are meant to tease, and everyone seems to be trying to be the next BuzzFeed.

Medium seems like it just wants to be what it is: a place to discover amazing content written by people with original, thought-provoking things to say.

Check it out for yourself.