When Spencer speaks, I, for one, am paying attention.

spencer I am probably a late-comer to Spencer Rascoff, personally, but I am well aware of his amazing success at building Zillow and completely redefining the residential real estate industry. What I admire most about Spencer is how outspoken he is, how contrarian he is in a lot of his views and perhaps mostly, how passionate he is about everything he is doing.

Check out this great clip on YouTube to see what I am talking about...

As someone in the digital real estate news sector, Zillow is obviously the bellwether of success in the real estate tech space. Like CoStar on the commercial side of the business, Zillow dominates the data and search aspect of the industry.

This recent, simple post by Spencer really caught my eye and reinforced this particular journey I have been on for the past few years. Namely, that the next wave of "disruption" (and I really hate that word) will be in the vertical specific space. Tim Cook of Apple recently said the same thing on Charlie Rose a few weeks back (yes I am that boring, I watch Charlie Rose).

It's only inevitable. So much attention and money has been invested and made in the consumer space, but as innovation gets harder to come by, it's only natural that B2B will be next. It has to be. It's actually archaic how professionals in big verticals get their news, receive their data and adapt to tools that make them more efficient.

So, thanks Spencer for the small vote of confidence. Those of us who are out here in the vertical tech space can use all of the support and attention we can get! And if you want to chat about how The News Funnel can partner with Zillow on a killer news application, I am all ears!