What’s a magazine?

sta pic Imagine that conversation one day in the future. Well, I can. And it's probably going to happen sooner than we realize.

I personally held out hope, despite the fact that my actions and intentions weren't aligned. In my small library at home where I work, I had piles upon piles of trade magazines, leisure magazines, Rolling StoneThe New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, etc…Piles. They stayed there for years :(

I kept saying to myself, one day I would read them and it would be wonderful. Never happened.

I kept saying to myself, on the plane - I will take them and it will be wonderful. Never happened.

So, I trashed them (recycled of course) and it felt weird, but also surprisingly wonderful. I cancelled all of my subscriptions. My iPad became my go-to source for consumption, and it lifted a huge load, both literally and emotionally.

Here’s a great read on this topic: https://gigaom.com/2014/10/12/it-was-great-having-you-magazines-lets-just-say-goodbye-now/

When I get a few real estate trade magazines sent to my house monthly (even though I don't subscribe) I wonder to myself, what the hell are they thinking? Who is reading them and who is advertising in them?

So, I did a little homework and saw that in many, many business verticals, publishers are still holding on to this failed notion that a magazine is a viable news distribution tool, even in this completely digital and increasingly mobile world.

I am sure the content is great, but honestly, how long will they holdout hope that the declining trends will reverse themselves?

Remember the newspaper? I barely do :(