The Content Creators Volume 2: Dan Miller


In this blog series, I am profiling members of the real estate vertical who are way out in front of the content creation strategy as the new wave of marketing your company and building your brand. For this edition of The Content Creators, I spoke with Dan Miller of Fundrise, who in addition to serving as the president and co-founder of Fundrise (they’re doing some things in the crowdfunding space, in case you didn’t know), contributes weekly blog posts to my site, The News Funnel, which serve to highlight both his passions and strategies for running his hugely successful crowdfunding business. One of the really cool things about Fundrise is how they also use original content on their site to educate consumers on real estate crowdfunding:

- Did you always love to write? When did you first start writing professionally?

Dan: I’ve always enjoyed staying on top of the latest news in the industries I’m involved with -- real estate, and now the growing equity crowdfunding movement.

Only recently, as Fundrise has expanded across the country, have I had a chance to speak and write about the growing real estate crowdfunding space.

I’ve really enjoyed partnering with The News Funnel, partly because my weekly posts have allowed me to reflect on how our work at Fundrise is part of a larger trend of marketplace lending that’s disrupting the entire financial industry.

- What are some of the things you like to write about in your blog on The News Funnel?

Dan: I try to mix up my News Funnel content, offering my thoughts on various real estate markets and trends, in addition to regular insight on the crowdfunding space and how I feel that it’s changing real estate development and investment for the better.

- How does Fundrise use its own blog to help promote its brand and build its site?

Dan: We recognize that the world of real estate investment is brand new to many of our members, so we’ve worked hard to provide useful (and easy-to-digest) content for getting started with real estate.

Our long-term goal is to become a valued educational resource for real estate investors and companies considering using crowdfunding, which, in turn, helps drive our brand forward and builds trust with potential users.

- How do you measure the impact of all of this content that you create?

Dan: Since we aim to use our content as a tool for informing and engaging our audience, we look closely at engagement - views, clicks, comments, social engagement, etc.

We also have a regular dialogue with some of our most active members where we ask what else we could be providing and we listen closely to questions we receive from new members.

- What blogs do you personally follow?

Dan: I regularly follow lifehacker, Humans of New York, and The New York Times.

- What other sites do you feel do a great job of creating their own content?

Dan: Within the real estate world, I think that Bisnow and Honest Buildings both do a great job of creating regular, highly relevant content that’s very brand-centric.