The Content Creators Volume 3: Coy Davidson


Davidson_Coy In this blog series, I am profiling members of the real estate vertical who are way out in front of the content creation strategy as the new wave of marketing your company and building your brand. For this edition of The Content Creators, I spoke with Coy Davidson, who was one of the first members of the industry to recognize the branding power offered by consistently serving up your own original content. His blog is called The Tenant Advisor, and there’s a reason the rest of the CRE sector doesn’t take issue with the name. It’s because he simply knows his stuff. So, naturally, it was a nothing but a privilege to have the opportunity to get to pick his brain for a little bit for this Q&A J

- Did you always love to write as a kid?

Coy: Not really. I was only interested in sports, but I excelled in English in school, while math gave me fits.

- When did you first start to write as part of your professional life?

Coy: I had written a couple articles for business publications prior to starting my blog, but really in 2009 when I started “The Tenant Advisor.”

- What was your original goal with your own blog?

Coy: I saw what was happening with social media and content marketing back in 2009, and believed there was not only a big void in our industry, but also a huge opportunity. I ultimately was looking for a new way to market my personal brand and services.

- Do you have a specific niche you try and focus on?

Coy: I try to stick to my professional niche with my content, which is corporate real estate, the office market and healthcare, as well as mix in my interest in technology. 

- How many people read your blog on average?

Coy: Today, I average about 15K visitors per month to my site and I think I have about 1,800 regular subscribers. Interestingly enough, about 60% of my visitors come from Google search.

- Has it helped you in your business as a real estate professional?

Coy: Tremendously. I went from a professional only known in the Houston market to today, where people know me from all over the country, and even all over the world. I like to say, “it’s all about visibility and credibility.” The more people who know who you are and what you do, the more business that comes your way.

- Where do you get the time to be both a blogger and leading real estate professional?

Coy: Well, that is always a big challenge, but I just make time for it. I try to use my time efficiently, and I rarely watch TV (other than football).

- Where do you get your ideas from?

Coy: They just come to me out of the blue. When I try to sit down and think about topics, I usually come up empty. I have a regular stable of topics, such as market intelligence, economic news, technology, etc. but I try to write at least one piece of original content every week. Usually, an idea will come from a deal I am working on, or a client’s question about something, or a trend I notice. I could probably write more entertaining content that would increase the popularity of the blog, but I try to stay focused on informing clients and potential clients.

- What are some of your favorite content sites or content creators?

Coy: As far as CRE Bloggers, I admire Duke Long and Jeremy Neuer’s work. I particularly like Work Design Magazine and Harvard Business Review. The top architectural firms and office furniture manufactures also produce some great content and research. My favorite new site is Colliers International’s CRE blog. I am a little biased, but they are doing a fantastic job and I am proud that my organization has embraced content marketing and would like to think I inspired them, at least a little bit.

- Whats next for Coy Davidson on the content front?

Coy: That’s a good question. I still very much enjoy it, but I am a busy guy and its getting challenging to create fresh content on a regular basis. I would like to find more outside contributors to improve the content on my site. One guy, who is a broker first and foremost, can only do so much. One area that I would really like to experiment more with is original video. I have not produced any video, because its way harder than it appears on the surface and I am obsessed with providing quality content. I am probably going to have to seek some professional assistance is this arena, but it’s something I would like to do in 2015.

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