The Content Creators Volume 5: Jeremy Neuer


jn2 In this blog series, I am profiling members of the real estate vertical who are way out in front of the content creation strategy as the new wave of marketing your company and building your brand. For this edition of The Content Creators, I spoke with Jeremy Neuer. In addition to serving as a Senior Vice President at CBRE’s East Brunswick office, Jeremy is a social media junkie and has been considered an influential blogger on both commercial real estate and technology for years. Most recently, he has supplied his colorful opinions on a variety of different topics in the business as a weekly contributor to The News Funnel’s blog, and is a member of the CRE App Review Advisory Board as well.

- Did you always love to write as a kid? 

Jeremy: I wouldn’t say I loved it, but I played around with it. When I was a kid, I think all I wanted to do was play baseball, and when it was too cold for that, I’d collect baseball cards and watch movies. However, I always read Sports Illustrated cover-to-cover from the time I was about nine years old until I was 39 years old.  I actually let my subscription expire earlier this year, which was pretty monumental. But, there’s so much content out there that’s more timely that I found myself simply not reading it when it showed up.

- When did you first start to write as part of your professional life?

Jeremy: We write proposals all the time, but if you mean in the form that I do now, I started the now defunct NeuerSpace blog in August 2011. Before that, I had a personal blog that I started when my oldest daughter was born in November 2007.

- What was your original goal with your own blog? 

Jeremy: There were really a few goals that I had in mind. The good news about the Internet is that there’s a lot of content available. The bad news about it is that a lot of the content is boring. Anyone can start self-publishing as long as they have access to the Internet. So, I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts on what’s going on in the corporate real estate industry, while weaving in my personality and my interests. NeuerSpace was a marriage of sports, pop culture, rock music, and real estate. I have changed my writing style a bit for The News Funnel, so it’s more focused on corporate real estate, but if I don’t think an article is interesting, I won’t submit it just to have something out there. Another goal, and maybe this was lofty, but I wanted to be considered a thought leader in our space. I am concerned with building and managing my “brand,” and I thought writing would help in that regard. And, finally, any broker that tells you that they don’t want more business is lying.

- Do you have a specific niche you try and focus on? 

Jeremy: Not really. I tend to bounce around a bit. I started writing for The News Funnel about the New Jersey market, but there’s not enough happening to write weekly about our market and still be interesting. I am completely fascinated by the current conversation on Workplace Solutions and how companies are occupying space. We are truly in the middle of a major change in that regard. I also like to examine negotiating tactics, as everyone does it differently

- Has it helped you in your business as a real estate professional? 

Jeremy: If you read my most recent post, you know that real estate is a relationship business, not bricks and mortar. My father taught me that lesson my first day in the business. So, my blogging has opened up doors to new relationships within the industry. More importantly, I am part of a conversation that’s making me smarter on a daily basis. Whether it’s reading someone else’s blog, or the comments that people post to my mine, it all makes me smarter.

- Where do you get the time to be both a blogger and leading real estate professional? 

Jeremy: I don’t sleep much and I don’t go to the gym. Also, one of the biggest challenges of being a broker is time management. Setting aside the time to write is no different than setting aside time for business development, lunch, or the gym. It just becomes part of the week, if you make it a priority.

- Where do you get your ideas from? 

Jeremy: The News Funnel, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any number of other places where I consume content. A lot of what I write about in my commentary is on something that has already happened. The news is the play-by-play and blogging is the color commentary.

- What are some of your favorite content sites or content creators

Jeremy: I love Inc. magazine and their web site, because it focuses on entrepreneurs and growing businesses. I love for my sports and if I could, I would work for them and leave this real estate career behind (just kidding). The long-form writing takes a while to consume, but it’s all thought-provoking, as opposed to short reporting. I already mentioned The News Funnel, right?

- What’s next for you on the content front?

Jeremy: I’d love to drive more engagement within the industry. I think if we keep putting out thoughtful information, more people will take notice. A podcast would be fun, but would anyone listen?