Content Creators Volume 6: Barbi Reuter

In this blog series, I am profiling members of the real estate vertical who are leading in using social media to differentiate themselves and their brand.

For this edition of The Content Creators series, I spoke with Barbi Reueter, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR. Barbi is incredibly active on social media and has long realized the power of using original content to shape your brand. She is well-known for her insightful blog posts regarding proper strategies for the use the latest technology.

Every year, Duke Long releases a list of the top ten most influential commercial real estate people on the Internet, where Barbi has reigned as the number one for the past two years. In my opinion, that’s as good of an endorsement as you can get! She was also recently voted as one of the most influential CRE tech thought leaders on Real Estate Tech News.

- Did you always love to write as a kid?

Barbi: Always, although the creativity wanes or is stifled over the years when you shift to term papers... As a kid I wrote songs, poetry, stories, you name it. My parents were teachers and nourished that gene.

- When did you first start to write as part of your professional life?

Barbi: Again, always... Working part time in CRE in college, I edited pitches and proposals then created my own when I launched Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR's Property Management Division at age 20. When I was 23 and President of BOMA Tucson, I wrote our local chapter's first Market Report and many a President's column. Tailoring a message remains a passion.

- What was your original goal with your own blog?

Barbi: "My own blog" is a corporate one, "PICOR Connect: Trends in Commercial Real Estate." We seek to inform and build brand awareness for businesses and investors in the geographies we serve (Southern AZ and Sonora, Mexico), and build a broader referral network.

- How many people read your blog on average?

Barbi: We have about 1,400 subscribers - not bad for our largely location-centric content in a tertiary market.

- Has it helped you in your business as a real estate professional?

Barbi: Without a doubt. It has been a key driver in building our brand and thought leadership in Tucson. I've honed my skills, made terrific connections, been inspired by leaders in the sphere, and have learned to curate content to connect dots for key clients and our production team.

- Where do you get the time to be both a blogger and real estate professional?

Barbi: You just make it. Could I/should I blog 2-3 times a week, instead of once? The "experts" say so, but we do what we can and commit to it.

- Where do you get your ideas from?

Barbi: Our own local market research reports are fodder every quarter, with updates from each sector: office, retail, Industrial and multi-family. We feature a guest post monthly, and the rest flows from timely issues, projects, economic development activity, and the like.

- What’s next for Barbi Reuter on the content front?

Barbi: I've just joined the CREW Network Board and joined Faith Hope Consolo as liaisons to the Communications Committee. We have a strategic imperative to grow our member and industry communications in innovative ways. Look for more video there.

Personally, as a corporate blogger, I miss the opportunity to project my own voice - for now the original 'microblog' Twitter suffices! Join me there.