Content Creators Volume 8: Michael Bull

When it comes to commercial real estate experience, few professionals have accomplished what Michael Bull has. Spanning a 30 year year career, he has closed more than $4 billion worth of commercial sales and leases. In addition to serving as the CEO of his own commercial real estate firm, Bull Realty, Michael is way out in front of the CRE social media scene serving as Host and Executive Producer of The Commercial Real Estate Show. The nationally syndicated show airs weekly across 40 different stations, and has cultivated a very loyal following in the process. Due to his accomplishments, I was honored to have Michael join me for my blog series featuring some of the industry’s leading content creators.

 - When did you launch your radio and broadcast site?

Michael: I started the show October of 2010 on one station in Atlanta. The original web site I created myself when I was designing the show. Earlier this year, we hired a firm and created a real site designed to work well on smart phones and tablets, including access to the show videos, audio podcasts and blogs. It also provides access to the daily FAQ videos. These are quick, one minute, videos answering commercial real estate-related questions I receive from site visitors, clients, brokers and show listeners.

- What was your original goals/strategy? 

Michael: Originally, the show was designed for me to take calls live from listeners to help them with CRE-related questions. The station called a month before we started and said they were adding more studios, and because of the construction I was going to have to tape the shows. That ending up being a lucky break. A listener call-in show might have ended up being more local and less informative, and that would have probably limited the appeal. Since the shows are planned in advance, the subject matter ended up being valuable to listeners all over the country.

The original goal was to utilize my transaction experience on the show to attract brokers and clients to my commercial real estate brokerage firm, Bull Realty, headquartered in Atlanta. It's turned into an industry resource.

- How did you find the time to do this show and still be a leading real estate professional in your local market?

Michael: One of the surprises was how much time and effort it takes to produce a quality show. I work on the show most every Monday and Tuesday night at home. The creative part of researching, designing and writing the show is more difficult to accomplish at my office, where I make myself available to help our clients and brokers. I have help though. We have a full time videographer who helps coordinate guests and produce the show videos and podcasts. We also have folks who help with the syndication process, with the affiliate stations and folks who help with the website.

- Where do you get your content ideas from?

Michael: Over the last 30 years, I have done over $4 billion in sales and leases. With 32 brokers doing all types of transactions in 10 states, I get a lot of ideas and knowledge about what is going on in the marketplace each day. I pick topics I feel will be most interesting to industry participants all over the country.

- What are some of your favorite shows?

Michael: I like the quarterly update shows on the various sectors with forecasts on future market performance. You get an idea of what might happen and why. The specialty shows like mixed use, net lease and medical are also fun. My favorites, though, are probably the Fed’s view on CRE, the Emerging Trends show and the shows on social media and new concepts like crowdfunding and technology.

- How big is your audience? 

Michael: The audience numbers are growing fast. We can't get counts on many of the outlets, but on the ones we can count, we have about 70,000 a month.

- Has the show helped your business?

Michael: Yes, it helps our brokers and clients. Just listening to the show has helped my business. The top experts in the country share market knowledge and best practices, you can listen to it anytime you want on iTunes or the show web site, and it's free. The show really provides great information, it's not promotional content. The guests are fabulous and provide valuable, actionable content.

- What's next for Michael Bull?

Michael: I'm not sure what's next. I'll just keep doing my part to help industry participants, make the show better each week and bring the show to more radio stations. The show is now on 40 stations around the country, but the most convenient access is on iTunes, YouTube and the show website. I'm a firm believer that if you do whatever you are doing, the best you can, you will get more opportunities.