How do you gain a competitive advantage when everyone has the same toolbox???

Technology has become the great equalizer in business. Tools that were once limited to the "business elite" are now completely accessible to everyone...usually at no cost. Nearly every business professional - no matter their vertical - has direct access to not one, but dozens of tools that help streamline their day-to-day tasks, like data and information analysis and sharing tools.

Investing HUGE capital investments in the latest and greatest technologies is a thing of the past. Now, finding efficient new tools to ensure you and your company don't get left in the dust is usually just a click away.

So now what? What does it mean that the entire playing field is leveled? In today's business world, there is no rich and poor. The world is flat. I got what my competitors got, etc.

Years ago, only the richest companies could build the coolest websites.

>> Not anymore!

Way back when, only the biggest companies could afford to advertise?

>> When was the last time you saw a splashy ad campaign in print?!?!

Once upon a time only those with big IT departments had access to technology.

>> Have you heard of Google, Box, DropBox or Apple? now what? How does one differentiate or gain a competitive advantage if everyone has access to the same tools?

One word…knowledge. Today, knowledge is power. It’s that simple. It’s all that separates people in business today.

Knowledge of:

  • Technology
  • Trends
  • Networking
  • People and companies
  • And on and on...

And it's all out there to be discovered. There are SO many places to find amazing content, all free. And I'm not talking about reading the Wall Street Journal or New York Times every day to and from work; I'm talking about true discovery.

Just look at all the amazing content out their waiting to be discovered from editorial sources, blogs, aggregators and curators alike...Business Insider, Inc., LinkedIn, Tumblr, News Funnel, Wordpress, Flipboard. I am amazed more business people don’t get this and don’t take the time to invest in becoming a thought leader simply by using all of these sources.

I literally take 30 minutes a day (usually while the rest of the family is asleep in the morning or late at night) to just “discover.” And I honestly feel like I am better informed than I ever was before. And, you know what? It costs me NOTHING!

Here are a few good examples of people I know who clearly get this:

The winners in the future are the ones that truly harness the power of knowledge in their own business to differentiate themselves.