The Content Tipping Point for the Real Estate Industry?

The industry giants have finally awoken and now it appears there is no turning back! I have been saying for years, to anyone that would listen…and clearly not that many did…that the future in real estate media and marketing is content. Content that is created from WITHIN the industry, written BY the industry and FOR the industry.

Several industry professionals were clearly ahead the curve and creating amazing content on their own, such as:

But I kept looking for the big industry titans to jump on board. Along the way, I would consistently hear from industry professionals who would offer sarcastic comments on these trends, like “who would ever read this stuff?” and “what the hell is a blog anyway” etc.

And now it appears that two of the industry’s largest, most prestigious and forward-thinking companies are not only embracing this concept, but contributing a substantial amount of resources to it as well.

Check out:

Blueprint by CBRE

Real Views by JLL

real views jll

These are not market research reports posted online. This is not self-serving fluff. This is real content. Insightful content. And useful content for their clients.

So, what’s the actual impact of this trend?

The trade media should take note for one. If I were running a major media outlet in any particular vertical, I would be paying close attention. As more and more companies and professionals start creating their own content, traditional media’s monopoly on content is being challenged.

Competitors of CBRE and JLL should take note. Once these sites get their SEO going, and if they make it available to third-party platforms, like The News Funnel, they could see huge increases to their web traffic.

Finally, industry professionals should take note. If your clients are consuming this content and it’s not coming from you, you are at a disadvantage. If I was working at JLL or CBRE, I would personally be marketing the shit out of this stuff on my own social networks to gain a competitive edge in my market.

And so, congrats to CBRE and JLL and welcome to the new content world! We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival.