This is my idea of what a real CEO does!

I have been running my own businesses for almost 30 years. 30 years of doubt. 30 years of stress. 30 years of wins and 30 years of losses. And I wouldn’t change a thing!

As any of my friends who run their own business can attest to, being an entrepreneur is often times a very lonely journey because no one can ever really know what goes on in your mind every single day. The doubts, the fears and the enormous odds that, on a daily basis, try to shut you down at every turn. You are usually on your own because it’s typically you and your crazy idea that started it all.

And so when I read my good friend Jason Freedman’s blog today about the tough decisions he recently faced with his start up, my first reaction was “Dude, I can soooo relate” and my second was “Damn, I wish I had the courage to write what you just did!"

Here is what he wrote about his journey with 42Floors. All I will say is if I were Jason’s partner, employee or past employee, I would be damn proud to work for a guy like this.

>> After the Layoffs

Keep fighting the fight Jason, there are a lot of us out there rooting for you!