The New Real Estate Media?

I think we are FINALLY getting to the point where things are getting really interesting on the real estate content front. I was talking with a buddy of mine the other day about the state of media in the real estate space. He is a leading developer of commercial space across the country, and his comment was in reference to one of the leading trade media sites and how he never visits their site. I asked why and he said, "all of their news is old and I can read more interesting stuff on our industry in other places." He went on to name a few blogs he reads and some very niche focused sites as well, like Curbed and Inman. Sites that give him more insights and trends and who churn out a lot of really good content.


I smiled cause it's what I have been talking about for a while to the few people who actually listen to me :)

A few days later I am visiting with a new real estate startup and helping them create their own blog. But not just a blog, a smart, well written, insightful, full on dedicated site that will link to their main website and push out original content daily.

Here is the best example of this outside real estate. I read everything FirstRoundCapital puts out on this blog, it's written by insiders and it's really amazing content.

I also just wrote about what CBRE and JLL are doing on their sites with content. Awesome stuff.

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Where this is all heading is clear.

Deals and transactions, which used to be the domain of trade media, are no longer controlled by any one particular outlet and social media has revolutionized the speed of content delivery, making it really hard for a reporter or publication to break any big scoops anymore. There is no longer that one media source that everyone says, “I need to read that first thing everyday”.

Look at all of the options that are out there for professionals to find good content.

And so the answer to the question of “what is the new real estate media?” is in my opinion…”it comes from the industry itself!”

The next question is, if professionals and companies are increasingly authoring amazing content, then what's the future look like for a traditional trade media site?"

(My next post will offer some ideas but I would love to hear your viewpoints)