Taking content creation to a whole new level

(And not always in a good way) As part of my continued obsession with all things content related, I came across this article that I wanted to share. It profiles an organization that perhaps is taking original content to the extreme, but nonetheless, it follows the same theme I have been writing about for a while. While not in the mainstream just yet, companies and organizations are increasingly recognizing the power of creating their own content and in many cases, becoming media themselves.

In this particular instance, it's more likely driven by a desire to limit media access while most other examples I see today are motivated by the desire to build a thought leadership brand, drive customer engagement and bypass the media to tell their build their own narrative.

Whatever the motivation or strategy, I think you are going to see more and more companies building their own original content platforms in the future. It's also a trend that is finally starting to impact the industry I am mostly focused on, real estate. As the cost for creating such platforms and content sites continues to go down and the tools to create the content become much more accessible, expect to see more and more companies actual engage their customers via a media property of their own.