From content to commerce...a new model?

On the topic of all things content related, seems that the next big thing is already a big thing. It's already happening on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and now it could extend to content sites and blogs as well in a meaningful way. So, what is the "next big thing"?

It's the ability to purchase products straight from content sites.

Here is an example: Vogue Ads Skip a Step, Linking Readers to Target

Many many other great examples but the one above seems more mainstream. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a top lifestyle blogger. She commented about how she is exploring a way to allow her subscribers to purchase products directly from her blog. She felt this could be a really good source of new revenue. Because it's really hard to monetize a blog. I totally get that.

There are tons of examples of bloggers doing this. Plugging products and sharing in the revenue generated.

But what if media jumps on this trend? 

What if I am reading an article on, let's say a topic or trend that interests me, and I then click a button on a product features and voila! That product is now in transit on the way to my house. One click, Amazon style!

Could be really cool.

New source of revenue for media? Or does it blur the lines of media objectivity (if there is such a thing these days).

Something to keep an eye on.