More great content coming from the commercial real estate industry

As part of my own personal journey of attempting to shed light on the many possibilities, opportunities and amazing content that is now discoverable in the real estate industry, I recently came across some really good examples: How Millennials Are Redefining Leadership - By Colliers International

Your Landlord Doesn’t Think You’ll Move - By LeaseMatrix

The most critical skill in winning an assignment - By theBrokerList

The Impact of Crowdfunding on Real Estate Investment - By RealConnex

The Art of Leasing Space - By Spaced

The New Frontier of Commercial Real Estate Tech and Finance - By RE:Tech

Disrupting CRE – It’s A Matter of Trust - By CREOutsider

What all of these terrific pieces have in common is they all are written to educate the consumer/client.

As I have written about many times previously, now that there are several platforms to place your content, the market for thought leadership is wide open. If you look at other business sectors, this trend has been accelerating for years and LinkedIn was one of the early sites to really understand this. Giving professionals a platform to voice their thoughts, opinions and advice is one of the most exciting developments to impact the vertical news landscape in years.

If you asked me in 2008 what the future outlook for trade media was, I would have been very pessimistic. Ask me today the same question and I will tell you that I have never been so excited to be part of the digital media revolution taking place, specifically in the real estate industry, but also in the business community at large.

While trade media hasn't recovered, in its place is a whole new world of amazing content.