A great video about being an entrepreneur in the tech sector

Thanks to my friend Jordan for sending me this video.

Amazing. Really sums up the life of an entrepreneur...the good, bad and the ugly.

The more I think about the profound changes taking place in the workplace, the more I realize that to truly survive today in this incredibly dynamic, tech-focused business landscape, everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur. Whether you work for a large corporation or starting out on your own, these skills are imperative if you are going to survive and thrive.

So much has changed. I saw something the other day on how most people in the workforce are not getting the pensions that they used to. Companies are hiring as few people as they can and are focused on efficiency like never before. And, technology has replaced a lot of jobs; many industries have been dramatically impacted as a result. Just look at what is happening to the financial sector and more and more transactions are being handled online.

With all of this converging on the worker, changing one's mindset to think and act like an entrepreneur is one of the best survival tips I can personally suggest.

Happy watching...