Digital media is HOT! Traditional media is...

Two big trends in the media landscape: >> Investment in digital media is HOT!

>> Traditional media is NOT.

Duh! No surprise there. These trends have been occurring for several years. What’s really new though is how the amount of money chasing deals in the digital media space continues to escalate.

To really understand how dramatic these shifts in the media landscape are, just look at these deal announcements in the past few days alone:

No wonder VCs just threw $57 million into Medium — it's basically this generation's version of PR Newswire

What Content Bubble? Business Insider Scores Huge Sale

Hearst invests $21 million in Complex

Amazing. Digital media is now as hot an investment property as any other category in the tech world.

On the flip side, look at the continued crap happening in the traditional media world:

A Firing at The Los Angeles Times Focuses Discontent

The Daily News Layoffs and Digital Shift May Signal the Tabloid Era’s End

Two trends are evident here.

  1. Digital media, both platforms and content, is exploding in every sector and every category as more and more consumers get their news via mobile.
  1. Traditional media still doesn’t get it and anyone holding on to the old model is destined for continued struggles ahead.

If you a marketing person, it's kinda clear where to spend your ad dollars.

If you are consumer of news, it's kinda clear where to discover amazing content.

If you are a blogger, congratulations! Because there has never been more platforms to host your content. (If you are a real estate blogger, check out The News Funnel’s blogging platform…)

If you are a traditional media outlet without a digital strategy already in place, sorry.