LinkedIn and the power of good content

Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Jeremy Neuer for sharing a great podcast  and their content platform.

The James Altucher Show: How to Make the Most Out of LinkedIn

Full disclosure: I am not a huge fan of LinkedIn personally. I don’t use it that much but I know plenty of folks who do and can attest to its effectiveness for networking and recruiting etc.

One of the key initiatives over the last year or so by LinkedIn is on the content side. They are trying to move from a pure networking site into a place where you can also learn new career skills and consume all of your content. They have spent millions on building out this platform.

For me personally, I don’t much consume content on LinkedIn, but again, I know millions of others do. My own content consumption is much more narrow and defined to specific topics and blogs that I read. I also built my own content platform for one industry, real estate, because I learned that many professionals care mostly about news specific to their industry.

But back to LinkedIn. One of the real takeaways from this podcast and other articles I have read about their content strategy is how much emphasis they put on helping professionals become a thought leader in their industry. Not only does LinkedIn serve up great content from business leaders like Richard Branson or Mark Cuban etc, but they also put a great deal of emphasis on encouraging business professionals to create great content that will help them build their own business.

It’s a message I personally have been preaching for a long time as well. Those who understand how creating thoughtful content can differentiate themselves will be able to build a sustainable brand identify that will help them ultimately build a strong business.

But as discussed in this podcast, it’s not enough to just write something. What you write really matters.

Thanks again Jeremy for sending this along. It’s worth the listen!