How to write a really good blog and promote your company (without promoting your company)

I saw this blog today in my customized news feed on our site, The News Funnel, and I thought it was so good I wanted to share with others.

>> Are you getting enough fiber? …to your building, that is.

Why is it so good? Several reasons.

First of all, the headline is awesome. It's attention getting and message driven at the same time.

Second, it's full of useful information.  It's not obscure or self promotional.

Third, it promotes the company sponsoring the blog in a subtle way only at the end.

I have been writing about how company and professionals need to take advantage of self-publishing their content for a while. Companies who don't realize the power of self-publishing tools like The News Funnel, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are missing out on some really effective marketing tools. Remember - the impact of traditional media is dwindling big time!

Kudos to Rail Yard on demonstrating a great example of self-publishing with this really well done blog.