One of the best written blogs I have seen...

I have been preaching the enormous opportunities for real estate companies, and for any company actually, to become content creators for a long time. In fact, my good friend Jeremy Neuer sent this amazing blog by Gary Vaynerchuk the other day which echoes this. >> Every Company is a Media Company

With traditional media losing its impact and so many platforms available to host your content, any professional or company can become the new media by writing content.

The catch? It has to be GOOD content.

You can't just throw some self serving crap against the wall and hope it will stick and resonate. I actually wrote about this the other day too...How to write a really good blog and promote your company (without promoting your company)

I saw this blog by PivotDesk the other day in my customized News Funnel and I said, "Wow, these guys completely get it". What an amazing example of a how you can use a blog to educate people and subtly, as a result, build your own brand as a thought leader.

>> BTDT: Why I actively reject the idea that winners never quit and quitters never win

Kudos to PivotDesk on an awesome blog.