Are we finally ready for awards recognizing real estate content?

Hell ya!

Years ago, when I started in the real estate business, the truth be told, most of the content that was created came not from the professionals and companies themselves, but from folks like me who ran PR, marketing and ad agencies. And a lot of great content still gets created this way.

But one of the most exciting trends I have seen in my almost 30 year career in the space is happening right now. Companies and professionals are becoming the new media. And it's friggin fantastic. Filling the void created by the decimation of the media has given real estate professionals a huge opportunity to be the ones revealing the key trends, strategies and news covering the industry.

No longer are there gatekeepers between you and your target audience. No longer do you have to worry about your content being "spun" by a PR professional or "reinterpreted" by the media. Creating amazing content and sharing it on social media and with your market has never been more accessible and more effective.

My entire business focus is on helping to connect real estate brands with content to industry professionals. Whether they are startups in the tech sector, brokers, service professionals or owners/developers, content marketing is the most powerful tool they can use to build their business.

Using content marketing to build your brand means you can communicate and engage directly with your target audience without filters. But while this tactic provides brands with incredibly powerful tools, it also places the emphasis on the quality of the content as well.

As more and more brands choose to implement content marketing strategies, I do unfortunately see a lot  of really poor content. Self serving… poorly written… inconsistent… these are just a few of the common mistakes I see in the space.

And yet, I see amazing content as well. Smart… insightful… shareable… many, many samples.

So in that spirit of encouraging and recognizing the best content creators in the commercial real estate space, my team and I are proud to present the first ever Real Estate Marketing Awards (#REMAS).

If you or your company/organization has done an amazing job of building your online brand

through the likes of blogging and/or social media please apply!