From Average to Influencer… Ten Easy Ways to Grow Your CRE Brand

I have spent almost thirty years helping brands and professionals in the real estate space get their message out to the marketplace. Throughout the first phase of my career on the public relations side, the media was the gatekeeper if you wanted to tell your story. The dirty little secret was that if you wanted good press, you had to "pay to play". Therefore, only the biggest companies with the most money usually got the press. There were two gatekeepers…the press and us!

But a funny little thing happened around 2008. Something called the “internet” started to explode and the media world got turned upside down. As more content made its way online and the media started giving away their content for free, ad revenue began to dry up. An extraordinary opportunity presented itself for those looking to build their brands using content: they could become media themselves! To me, it’s the single most powerful trend I have seen in my career. Goodbye, gatekeepers. Hello, authenticity!

People still want to learn about deals, developments, insights, trends etc. Why not become the storyteller? That’s why I founded The News Funnel in 2011, to help other brands create content that positions them as the influencer.

In just a few weeks I’ll be presenting what I’ve learned from my experiences during the University of Shopping Centers, ICSC’s largest educational event for retail real estate and shopping center professionals. What I’m most excited about regarding my course, “From Average to Influencer: How to Grow Your Personal Brand & Expand Beyond the CRE Digital World,” is guiding participants along the journey from content producer to content influencer. I plan to apply the best practices we use every day at The Content Funnel throughout the two-hour course. Engagement isn’t one voice rising above the rest; it’s listening and conversing with the audience you have. The agenda includes Q&A time and small group discussions. Be ready to connect with the influencers sitting around you.

By the course’s completion, participants will acquire ten strategies to:

  • Identify your brand’s authentic voice

  • Better connect with your key audience

  • Help you take charge of your content

  • Improve audience engagement

Please join me during the three-day University of Shopping Centers. My course “From Average to Influencer: How to Grow Your Personal Brand & Expand Beyond the CRE Digital World” will be March 6 from 5-7pm at Houston Hall. I look forward to discussing how your brand can leverage today’s content best practices to grow its audience.