Mike's Weekly Picks: My 10 Favorite RE Tech Reads...

Here are my favorite Real Estate Tech reads from this past week. Happy reading!

Your commercial real estate technology stack

Blog - Apto

We talk about CRE tech all the time. It’s what we do. We want you to be informed whether or not you use Apto.

I’m Calling Out All The Ladies of #CRE. Why Are You So Silent and Hard To Find?

Blog - Duke Long

So, this may be a bit of a rant. Ok, maybe more than a bit. I get asked every week to suggest possible participants and help create panels.

Digsy Gives Commercial Real Estate Technology a Human Touch

Blog - CRE.Tech

I first met the guys at Digsy at a CRE conference in NYC. They were the only other people, besides myself, not wearing a dress shirt and slacks. They had an excuse. They were outfitted with t-shirts and hoodies with the Digsy logo on it. I, on the other hand, just don’t like the way I look with a tucked-in shirt.

5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Make Retail Smarter

Blog - Hightower

Up until now, technology has largely been considered retail’s enemy, as e-commerce companies like Amazon have taken a massive chunk of the market. But today, there is reason to believe technology could also be brick-and-mortar’s saving grace.

The Evolution of Rex

Blog - RexMLS

If there’s one thing that most real estate players can agree on, it’s that the industry tends to move at a snail’s pace when adopting new technologies —particularly the commercial side.

Introducing New Technology to Your Brokerage (Part 1 of 3)

Blog - REthink CRE

After studying hundreds of our commercial real estate clients, we’ve compiled a 3 part ‘best-practices’ guide to help CRE professionals successfully identify, select, and implement technology in their brokerage. In part 1 of 3, we offer a framework and recommended strategy for identifying and selecting new technologies for your brokerage.

4 Ways Smart Real Estate Technology is Making an Impact

Blog - The Bulletin By Brevitas

Smart technology and the Internet of Things are just getting started, and already their impact is being felt across multiple industries. Gartner predicts that by 2018, 45% of the fastest-growing companies will have more smart devices than employees.

Ten-X Retail Report: The Good Buys and the Bad Buys

News - Commercial Property Executive

Ten-X's latest retail outlook report identifies the top five "buy" and "sell" retail real estate markets in the U.S.

The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

News - Bisnow

Technology has revolutionized the way brokers access information, empowered data analysis, streamlined communication with clients and facilitated closing deals. At the same time, brokerage has shifted from solely transaction-oriented services to one that encompass advisory, changing a broker's function.

Virtual Reality Tech Adding New Dimensions in CRE

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield

Well-done photography is one of the most effective ways of marketing a property,  regardless of the building, its location, or many other factors. But photography is nothing new. And with new developments, it can be difficult for tenants to make the leap and imagine what a property or space might look like for their company.

Have I missed anything? Feel free to reach out to me at michael@thenewsfunnel.com with your favorite RE Tech articles for this week. I am always looking for new content to read!