Here are my favorite Real Estate Tech reads from this past week. Happy reading!

Take a Peek at the Future of Workplaces 

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Ever wonder what’s next for real estate? This article examines the social and technological future of workplaces. Three of the main influencers are hardware, software, and social policy change. But wearable technology is increasingly playing a large role in the future of workplaces.


Effective Commercial Real Estate Web Design Improves Leads 

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Business websites have two essential functions: one, to represent your brand, and two, to grow your business. A commercial real estate website should convert visitors to leads. If the metrics show visitors are looking and leaving, the website is failing its job. Take a hard look at your website's design. The right user experience combined with these best commercial real estate web design practices will improve leads.

6 Ways Tech Has Changed the Modern Office

Blog - Emerge

Modern technology has drastically changed the modern office. While there are a number of factors contributing to this shift in the workplace, several key inventions have paved the way for a global workplace. Below are just a few of the technologies that have forever changed the way we work...

Gramercy District Smart City Project Lands Tech Tenant

News - Bisnow

The $500M "Smart City" in Ashburn being developed by 22 Capital Partners in partnership with Microsoft, George Washington University, the Center for Innovative Technology and FedBid just landed a tenant for its first phase.

Capstak Makes It Easier To Source Deals, Find Partners And Access Capital.

Blog - Duke Long

Our 50+ years of experience in commercial real estate has shown us where the industry is broken and how it can be improved – via better deal sourcing, finding great partners and broader access to capital. Capstak addresses these issues by creating increased efficiency, professional connections and more opportunity.

5 Thoughts from a CRE Guy on Amazon Go

Blog - Jonathan Schultz

You may not have noticed yet, but Amazon just reinvented the entire retail and payments experience with the introduction of Amazon Go. The system combines technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, sensors, and image recognition to eliminate things like checkout lines and shoplifting. Next up … robots will push your cart and bring the groceries to the car, and maybe even shine your shoes when you're there! (Remember the movie I, Robot?)

Apto voted best real estate mobile app of 2016

Blog - Apto

We’re excited to announce Apto was recently named one of the top five mobile real estate apps of 2016, by Real Estate Tech News, for the second consecutive year. 

The Role of Tech and Culture in Recruiting Top Brokers

Blog - REthinkCRE

Millennials compose about one-third of our voting-age population, and their presence in the workforce is being felt a little more every day. Millennials will comprise 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020. That means that in all likelihood many top agents fit into this demographic. The real question is: who is going to teach them? Which brokerage is going to find the top junior brokers who are going to be running brokerages across the country in 15 to 20 years?


Brokers: where to focus your attention in 2017

Blog - Buildout

New marketing technologies like drones and 3D video give buyers a detailed look at these properties without requiring an on-site visit. Buildout automatically creates property websites where you can host this video footage.

Welcome to the New VTS!

Blog - View The Space

Happy 2017! It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since VTS and Hightower merged. We’ve been hard at work combining our talent, our offices, and our products. In early December we made the office moves to join the right teams together. The product and engineering teams took over the Bryant Park office, while the business team went to the SoHo loft. We’ll all be moving to one big office in a couple months.

Why Your Clients Benefit from Your CRM

Blog - theBrokerList

There are so many benefits to using commercial real estate software like an industry-specific CRM in your business, but do your clients understand why this makes you better? Do they know how it improves your communication and why it helps market properties better, faster, and more efficiently?

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