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Trends in Retail Payment Processing

Blog - Regency Centers

Mobility and technology have drastically changed the retail landscape. No less affected is the area of processing payments. A once simplistic, personal exchange of money and goods between shop owner and neighborhood patron has become a complex series of digital processes that often involve very little human interaction. Today’s shop owners, midsize businesses, and major retailers are finding themselves somewhere along this spectrum.


Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Like most business owners, Chris Meyer found the lending process tedious and drawn out. In ten years of running various businesses, he applied for fourteen loans. Each required over two months to assemble the loan package: three years of business and personal tax returns, a personal financial statement, and an application for each bank. One day, he reflected upon how many people he didn’t know had access to his most private information. In today’s tech world, he knew there had to be a faster, more secure way to get loans.


Top 4 Ways Multifamily Pros Are Leveraging Technology

News - Bisnow

Technology-related expenditures are unavoidable in the effort to remain competitive. Owners, developers and property managers need to closely monitor tenants’ needs to maximize the impact of their tech-allocated dollars.

How Smart Homes Are Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

According to the 2017 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trend report by the National Association of Realtors, millennials are now the largest group of potential homebuyers on the market–and they’re looking to purchase smart homes. A recent survey conducted by Coldwell Banker revealed that 72 percent of millennials are willing to pay $1,500 or more, and that 44 percent are willing to pay $3,000 or more to make their home smart.

Compass COO Maelle Gavet on guiding the brokerage world’s first unicorn

News - The Real Deal

We meet at Margaux, a nearly deserted Parisian-style eatery on West 8th Street, tucked into the Marlton Hotel. Gavet, clad all in black, seems a far cry from the larger-than-life characters one finds in all corners of real estate. After a career in operations for some of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, she’s taking a shot at an industry far more clannish and provincial in its approach to business.

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British tech firm to double its size with HQ relocation to Dallas

News - Bizjournals

Tech firm Zinwave has moved its corporate headquarters from the United Kingdom to Dallas to position the company for growth — with plans to double its headcount soon.

Sneak Peek of The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next

Blog - REthink CRE

As commercial real estate technology continues to accelerate it’s great to engage with industry leaders to gain their perspective on where we are and where we are headed as an industry. Together with one of our technology partners, and fellow Austin startup, RealMassive, we will soon bring you The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next. In this sequel to RealMassive’s The New #CREcosystem, you’ll hear from commercial real estate professionals from varying backgrounds sharing their use, opinions, and predictions related to emerging technology, digital marketing, and predictive analytics.

Latch tools up with second smart access product for offices, apartment blocks

Blog - TechCrunch

New York-based smart lock maker Latch, which targets the enterprise market, selling its locks plus a subscription digital entry management service to building owners wanting to offer value-add services to their tenants, is announcing its second product.


Predictive technology is enhancing the physical retail experience. What CRE brokers and marketers need to know now.

Blog - Buildout

According to Gartner, artificial intelligence powered by predictive technology is poised to make a major impact on retail. They predict that by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will be managed by AI. And predictive technology won’t just impact e-commerce, but physical retail stores as well.

Tech turf: Five factors affecting location choice in Asia Pacific

Blog - JLL Real Views 

The tech sector is taking off in Asia Pacific. Both start-ups and tech giants are building their presence in the region – whether Facebook and Google in Singapore or Slack and Zen Desk in Melbourne.

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News - Bisnow

Mall landlords are using technology to keep tabs on customer movements and spending habits as they fight to stay relevant in the age of online shopping. Owners use the data to better arrange tenants and layouts, creating a seamless experience that customers can enjoy. Technology also allows landlords to send shoppers personalized advertisements after examining data on their social media accounts, the Wall Street Journal reports. And a recent survey revealed that it is working — 39% of shoppers said they would visit a store more often if they received personalized advertisements showing them items they are interested in buying, according to an International Council of Shopping Centers survey conducted in February.

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